Advertisement is a promotional tool for all business and marketing companies. Generally all companies are advertising, after that the companies are spending money for research of the advertisement, how it is reaching to a common person. At the same time, only after posting advertisement a company is able to see the result of the advertisement, as how it works to the public, what are the things need to be added or reduced. In this connection, all the companies are also doing the business on the internet, if the company is not directly selling their product or service through the internet; the companies are hiring marketing people and paying money to market their products on the internet. These clients are offering work to post their ad on the internet and it is called adposting. The above company is offering the same adposting job to the workers joining in the above company. The company is guiding the workers how to do this job, even otherwise any person could find this job as easier one and especially working in the above company. Anyone could take advantage and make more money in this is job, this is general promise of the above company. There are well reputed marketing companies are available a few of them are given here, yahoo, adsense, adbrite, azogle these companies are taking advertisements and the above companies are offering money for each click made by a person. From the above internet marketing system the above company is offering three types of opportunities for the workers to make money in a smart way from their houses. The job requirement is nothing but posting the advertisement of the client company on the internet and in particular space, nothing more than this. Once a person is posting an advertisement whether anyone is clicking the, add or not the posted person gets income, this is the logic of the work. In case, the posted ad is clicked by a person and he is buying a product or service the posted person gets an additional income for the same. The above company is advising the worker to use single mail id for a month to post the advertisement, the worker is going to post only the same or very same advertisement on the web, so the job will not be difficult it would be very interesting to do and make a big money on this job. The above company is connected with many marketing companies. Therefore, the worker could post the advertisement on the free classifieds available on the web. The matter would be only promotion of the business, it is legal the text or image would be focusing sales of a product or service, there is no legal risk on this job, in fact the worker is helping businesses to earn money by the way. The company has enough jobs, already workers are working on this program, still the company need s more workers to do the above job. The reason is many companies entered in the online business; all the businesses are requiring fresh advertisement to reach the mass people to get substantial business. The fresher should have to understand the above company is not forcing anyone to join a pad program as adwords.


  • What it is needed to do the ad posting job?
    The knowledge of internet surfing required, little knowledge is enough. The worker should have a internet connected device, ipad, or iphone smart phone, laptop, palm top, tablet phone, computer or any other device connecting to internet, at the same time, the worker can use the common public computer if the worker not owns any one of the above device. Any aged person can join in this program.

  • Where to find the matter for posting ad, where to post?
    A worker need not worry about this after joining in the above company, the login details sent to him, after that he or she could see thousands of ad matters of various companies, apart from this, the details of the posting space is readily available, all classifieds companies, all blogs, all forums details are offered to the workers. The twenty four hour guidelines are available to do the above work.

  • Do the workers have to post all posted texts, in all web spaces?
    All workers are offered to select their text and the webs, they can select the text and copy and paste in webs, even selecting the space is option of the worker, not a compulsory to do posting particular texts or for particular webs.

  • Is the work is fixed for the workers a particular quantity work?
    No time target for ad posting, anyone can work without time limit. Now anyone could understand, any person who has free time to work could do this job. At the same time, many unemployed here are working regularly and making the company rigid by producing their work in this department. In this the company has only 2 plans. As this job, is easy for all, there is no quality check, only the admin staff will be checking the number of advertisement posted by the worker only at the end of each month, not before that. For getting salary a worker should have to complete the minimum quota work fixed by the above company.
    *One is executive plan which permits the worker to post 6 thousands of advertisements.
    *The professional worker could post 9 thousands of advertisements in a month.

  • What is the pay a worker gets after completing minimum job? How much for single add?
    On the executive plan: 3 $ USD for placing ten ads on web space
    Special category: Maximum money offered 3 cents USD this should be calculated 3x6000 ads the total revenue is 1800 $USD.
    Plan 2: 4 dollars placing ten ads, $4 is the highest generated income from the above company, 4cx 9000 ads, = total income 3600 $ US dollars.
    The above company offer only for ad posting or for clicking ad sales made from posted ad just posting add is only not the income for the worker. The worker gets income if the ad is clicked or sales generated from the ad.

  • Is a worker enabled to earn from clicked ad or sales made from ad?
    Yes buddy, anyone can get extra money by clicked or product sales of his posted ad. This is only subject to selected plan of the worker. In case the worker is enrolled in executive plan, the worker gets $2 per click and $5 for sales made out of the ad, If the worker works fulltime or in professional plan, the worker gets $3 per click and $7 per a sales made in posted ad.

  • In case worker needs to understand about the click or sales is it possible?
    The company has strong control panel which producing the live report of all posted ads. The company has separate coding, for all the advertisements. This is available in the member’s area. Any worker could see the report everyday progress. The worker is enabled to see the income growth by clicks, by sales generated by his posted ads easily.

  • Can a worker could get income without a sale or click?
    No need to worry about this, the company pays money for the posted ad by the worker, at the same time; click or sales are only additional money paid by the company according to the plan.

  • In common how much money a worker gets as extra income?
    The company is providing the details from the last month balance sheet; normal worker gets ten to fifty clicks for his posted ad. In this money made by the worker is $50 to $ 200 and $ 500 plus. This is only based on the plan elected by a worker. Therefore, the worker could make $4000 plus extra money. The company has more than thousands of workers in this program everyone is making the above systematic money for their work done by them.

  • What is the direction to post the ad? What quality is required for this job?
    Copying any text or image is an easy even for school and college children. There is no hassle in the above job, working condition mouse and keyboard is enough. To do this job, thousands of companies are providing free classifieds to post add. The text is available to post, no need to write and create ad. It is very easy to understand where to post advertisements. The worker can log to a site as by logging in above site a worker can get job trial experience.

  • What maximum work could be done in this job?
    The posted ad should not be repeated, this is basic condition on any website in a day. On a website there are possibilities to post ten ads. The company has informed workers that the company is providing thousands of ad texts to post, at the same time, not all companies are permitting to post as many ads by the worker. Based on the condition of the website the worker should follow and post add, violating the 3rd party web so more attention is required.

  • How to understand ad is posted or not?
    After paying the service charge of the company, you get ad texts to post. After that, a worker can post ad as much as possible. The worker once posted his ad, he would receiving the message as the ad is published. Once the above process is over the worker could copy the link and paste the link and send to the company server, this way the company understands the worker done his job for the day, based on this the payment is made to the worker.

  • Is any payment is required to post the ad?
    The company is requesting all workers only to post the ad on free classifieds. The company is offering the list of free classifieds to post. The company needs only the joining fee, after that only the company pays the worker. After checking their work done by them on this job, it is not necessary to pay and post advertisement in any site.

  • When a worker shall get salary how payments are sent?
    On 7th to 10th the payments are issued to the workers, in case, if the company is missing to pay for a few workers, that pending payments are recorded and sent on 22nd of the same month. The company is paying money to the workers only based on their selected plan; however, a worker is freed to change the plan at any time by visiting my account page. At the same time, the worker will receive his or her increased salary based on higher plan would be effective only after three months from the changed month of the plan.

  • Any worker banned to work on this program?
    The above program is an easy program, all the workers are working and earning money, there is no chance for any mistake to commit by the workers in this program, the company had no experience in banning the account in the above program, at the same time, the below reasons would block the account of the workers.
    *A worker is not doing any job to the above company for 2 months continuously * the worker is not posting the ad as guided by the above company * the worker is not serious about the terms and conditions of the above company; all these are the reasons to block the account of the worker.

  • Can a worker change his plan to a better paying plan?
    Yeah it is possible, the worker can go to his page and go to select plans section, there he would be able to change his plan to the better plan for earning more money from the existing plan. At the same time, the admin is busy, they have to do a lot of changes in the database, thousands of workers are changing their plan to higher plan in a day, and therefore, it takes three months for the worker to receive money according to the new plan selected by the worker.

  • A worker is pleased with the above info and wants to join what is next?
    Once a worker is paying service charges to the above company by filling the form provided to the worker, the worker has many paying options to pay, in the payment option section. The credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, paypal and western union are available to pay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the company charge. The company treats all the workers as fresh to the job, even if someone is having knowledge about the copy paste job. The company is providing the login details to the worker after paying. Once the above process is over the worker could see the premium paid members for the above subject, the page has enough texts, enough web links to post the above add in the free classified of the classifieds companies, the above company collects all the free classifieds pages and providing the details of the pages and helping all the workers to do their job in the simple manner. The company is permitting the workers to pay the service charges in many ways. The particulars available on the payment options section, the foreign countries worker can pay through paypal and join in the scheme. In case, there is person without credit and debit card, that worker could use the other options.
    Once the payment is paid to the above company, the worker would be receiving log in details. Once the person logs inside the site, that person could easily find where the text ad is available where the links are available to post the ads on the members area of the page created for the worker by the above company. The company guidelines in the above job, is enabling the worker to make huge money every month, the company welcomes the entire worker and in all age groups.