The nature of the job is clear from its title. The person should have to copy the text and paste at the right place. The copying work is very easy in the computer, almost all the computer teachers are teaching only this lesson as the first lesson. Anyway, there are two different ways of followed for the above job. The first way is on mouse selecting the content, by mouse, now the person gets blue color on the top of the blue color the mouse should have to be placed and click right mouse, the person could see copy, now the text is available to paste, the above company is offering the space and text for the above job. The other way is selecting on the keyboard control +A for copying and control +c for pasting. The company provides substantial texts for the workers these workers should have to past the content at the required place, the job is very simple to do for all at the same time, company needs only above 18 years to do the job, a parent can join the job ask children to do this job, such easy job.

On the job the text would be single line at many times, in some times the text would be four to five lines the maximum lines would be only fifty lines to paste on the servers. The company is guiding all the workers where to copy the text and where to place the text at the respected area of the servers. There are many companies adding their text from the existing text level, for this purpose the companies are not interested in hiring regular employees, a company would have this job only less, this is the reason. At the same time, many companies are offering the above job to the above company to finish the work; the companies are offering enough time to complete the job for the above company and for the above company’s based freelance workers. Already many people are enrolled for the above job; still many people are required to complete the job available with the above company.


  • Is the job like multi level marketing?
    Many people misunderstand the job as multi level marketing but the job is not marketing any product or service. The job is copying the content available on the servers of the company. The text to be pasted would be only a portion at times it would be single line and at times it would be ten lines, at times the text would be fifty lines, the purpose of the work is adding some content for the leading business web companies. The above companies are selling product and selling services, at times the company would change the place from a page to a different place, at times the companies are adding a new description for the product or service all they are assigned to the above company, the above company is providing the same job to the freelance workers in the company, after paying the subscription charge the person could start the work and make money easily from the above job.
  • The worker should have computer certificate course for the above job?
    No need, the worker should have to select the text available on the server of the above company, and paste the same at the right space that is enough to make huge money in this job. CONTROL +C is on the keyboard pressing is enabling copying the text. After that CONTROL +V to paste the text anywhere, however, the company is guiding the worker where to copy and where to paste clearly.
  • What are the contents to be pasted on the web? What knowledge is needed?
    Normally, the company gets order to paste the keywords on the servers. The keyword is used for searching particular object, lesson, news, many more things. These keywords are provided by the international companies, to the above company. The above company is loading them on the task page of the workers once they are enrolled here. In some cases, these companies are offering a paragraph to load in their servers therefore, the text would not be not more than one to five lines at times it would be about 50 lines overall. The knowledge of copying and pasting is enough for the above job, the above things are taught to the workers through simple training, but many workers are not using the above option as all the workers are able to understand what is copying and what is pasting. However, the potential income could be made from this job.
  • Does the worker have to find the text for pasting or search on web?
    The company provides everything to the worker, text is available once the person enrolled and he has to do the work by pasting, already the company mentioned about the above job, and the above job is very simple job for all.
  • Where to obtain the text and paste and when a worker could start the work?
    The tools are placed on the above company’s place, guideline is offered for the worker to do the above job in quick time. Once the worker pays his charge for joining, he would be guided to start working with the above company, already many people are working on this project. All the details are sent via email address of the enrolled workers.
  • How much work would be there for a day? How much total works to make money a month?
    Spending thirty minutes a day is enabling the worker to complete hundred copy paste jobs, the company made this is the minimum quantity to get the salary. This does not mean a worker should do only this much works; the worker could do more and more works and make money. Even every day hundred copy paste works are made by the workers in the above company regularly. Therefore, all the enrolled members are earning money from the above job.
  • What best pay could be earned by a worker?
    The above company is not limiting the work for the hard workers. A person could earn the maximum money from the above job. The plans are available to select and join the above company; the first plan starts with the six thousands of copy paste work. The other plans are more and the worker could achieve the target easily as he job is very simple to do and make revenue. The workers are requested to select the best plan to gain the best and higher revenue on this job. The worker can decide the plan based on the spendable time to this job, based on this the payment is made to the worker.
    Starter pack: For 100(hundred-copy paste, by single person) will be gaining ten 10USD a day. From this, a person could calculate 10x30 are 300 and that person can get 300 US dollars.
    Therefore a person is doing 100 copy paste work means he gains $10 easily in beginner plan, check other plan. 
    Master pack: For 100(hundred-copy paste work) one-worker  gets- fifteen 15 US dollars a day, this gives meaning 100x15 are enabling =450$ Minimum, income will be four hundred 400US dollars - Maximum income will be twenty thousand 20,000 US dollars.
    The above company is not going to pay more for this kind of easy work, therefore, if the worker is interested to make more money in this job, that person must have to select the best pack, to enjoy working with the above company and make a better money from the above plans. The above company is only offering the maximum money for the above simple work; others are paying half of the above salaries.
  • What are the plans offered by the above company for this job, for part time and fulltime?
    The above company fixed the workers as student worker, homemaker workers, because these people are joining more here. The master plan is ready to join in the above company, starter plan service charge is $40 the master plan for the above work costs to join is only $ 50, and the applicants could select their plan based on the time availability work on these plans.
  • How a worker understands his work is eligible for receiving payment, when he gets the pay?
    Once the copy paste work is done by the worker, the worker is aware on his browser that he has completed the job, now it is his duty to paste the link in the company’s server. The final job of the worker is enabling the above company’s admin to understand the worker finished the job. From the 5th of the month to 10th of the month worker receives his money as his salary. The missing payments are sent on the 22nd of the month.

  • Does the worker have to finish all the jobs assigned in his page?
    No need to do all works at all, once the worker is enrolled he could see thousands of queries to do the copy paste job as lines, paragraphs, in the database of the job space, the applicant can select the work according to the wish of the applicant, nothing is compulsory to do at the above company.  
  • What is expected quality on this job?
    The quality in the work is nothing, the worker is going to take the content by copying and reproduce in the server as pasting, therefore, the efficient worker could do many jobs in a day, the company welcomes such workers here.
  • What is the workload for the above job?
    There is no workload at all in this job, hundred copy paste work could be made in less than a hour, the company has fixed the job for the workers to complete and earn money in low volume only, the efficient worker could do the entire work in a overnight and receive his salary, at the same time, the same worker could see there are jobs posted to him again to work immediately.
  • What is the clear picture of the work and volume of the work?
    The worker could see the line or lines to copy and paste in servers, the company is requesting to copy and paste it in hundred places, in a day, there will not be any chance for the worker to do mistake if the keyboard and mouse is working well, so the worker would get hundred percent for the job done by him, payment sent from the company based on the selected plan of the worker.
  • When a worker gets his payment?
    Every copy paste work is fetching money, no rejection all the worker must have to read the guideline and work according to the guideline, place the text or content in the right places this is enough to get the salary for every month.
  • On which moment the job is rejected in this job?
    Rejection on this work rarely takes place, because all the workers are using only working condition mouse and keyboards. If the text is placed in a wrong place, in case, the worker is not following the rules and regulation of the company, in such case, only the account is terminated and the name of the worker is removed from database. In some cases, the worker is placing the negligible or awful content on the space provided to him to paste, in such time the account is removed. In some cases, the worker is not working for two days or not working for minimum amount required by the above company, the account freezes.
  • In which way the money is being sent for workers?
    The company sends pay through alert pay, money broker, western union, city bank check by postal or courier or fund transfer through bank account to savings account of the worker. All these salaries are sent based on the plan selected by the worker before enrollment.
  • How the pay is calculated to a worker?
    In case, a person works for this month, his pay is sent next month 7th or 15th as all companies are paying for workers. The worker is not receiving his pay; he would be able to get on 22nd as the company has fixed to pay workers for missing pays.
  • Why the registration fee is collected by the company?
    The company is collecting the registration charge for 12 months, the money is spent for the server maintenance, and work allotment to workers, individual page charge, at times, the company is sending documents to the workers through courier and by post. All, this charges are spent for the above purposes, the portion of the money spent for the admin to keep the server in clean condition. The company could avoid the registration charge from the workers, it is not a problem at the same time, only spam workers are enrolling, they are not working, the company is unable to remove their pages, because at times they work most of the time they are not working for the above company. By charging the service charge to all workers, the company gets sincere workers, dedicated workers and they are renewing the contract again because they are earning well out of the above program.
  • For the simple job why company spends more money to workers?
    Yes the job is easy and many workers in the above company are earning well by doing their job as dictated by the above company. At the same time, many workers are not aware how the work is helping in marketing, searching keywords for the buyers. The keywords are important for the buyers to write on the search engine, once the job is done, there are many marketing companies are getting business out of the above job. There are many online workers are getting a chance to make money from their homes, there are many technical people get their employment by this process, in a way, the above job is the base for making money on the internet for many marketing companies, a company will have only a few works to do this job. At the same time, the above company is collecting all the job orders from thousands of companies, the money is received and paid to the workers according to their selected plans.
    The companies generally working only for the usage of laptop or desktop but the present situation is very different, tablet, ipad, iphone, smart phones are arrived, people are not using the desktop or a big device for searching a product or service, many of them are using only mobile applications to search and buy, the above work is very much useful even for the small hand phones to search and buy, this is the ultimate reason the companies are paying high money to do the above job, the company takes a small percentage and sends all the money to the works based on their selected plans.
  • A visitor has decided to join this work what is next to him?
    It is a great decision of him, to work part or full time here based on his free time. Now the person should have to complete the registration formality, the next role of the visitor is selecting the right plan to join here, after that the form filling process, the same form leads to paying section by a credit card, debit card, payal or pay to the company by visiting the payment option to pay the charge. In case, if the visitor is not happy with the above payment options western union is available in all places and a visitor could pay by the above way. After paying the fee, the worker would be receiving the login details of the company. Once he has joined he could see there are many works are waiting for him to do and make huge money for him or for his entire family.