Designers are required for many companies, at the same time; the designers are unable to get job on the other end. The problem is the best designer is hired by the companies, but the designer is getting next job with high pay scale, In that condition, the companies are not able to restore the workers, therefore, many companies are planning to hire the designers as freelance worker. In this option, the employer is able to get the design what he needs for his company as well for his clients therefore, the designer are creative people and they learn by self and they are working for as freelancers in many companies. The person who is joining in any freelance company, the worker is showing his previous work and joining, and the client is happy with the work done by the worker and hiring the worker through the above company. There are many small works in designing is assigned and pay is offered as big. The reason is the more creative work only impresses the customers. The designer is joining in a company and works for the salary, he is not with the same creative mind after some years.

At the same time, after hiring the worker for the monthly salary it is not easily possible by the employer to send him back for his poor mind in creativity. At the same time, the employer is assigning the other works, for some pitiful workers. The wise employers are not interested in hiring the designers for the salary, they are using only the platform as above, the above company is collecting the designing orders from logo designs, brand designs, the letter designs for the small company, banner designs and more and more creative work. The above company is offering tools for the workers to get more creative mind. The only reason is the designers are born with the talent but they are not able to earn well after sometime because of the less creativity after some months, But in the above platform all the designers are with more creativity because of the management, providing tools to get more idea before starting their work for the client.

In case, the client is asking for single design the freelance workers are able to send two for the same subject, the one is selected by the client, the other one is used for the next client. However, the designer in the above platform should give the option to the clients to select the one only based on that condition the designers are hired here as freelancers. The client satisfaction is very important, the client is not going to use the both, if the client is using the both, he is going to pay the worker. This is smart way of satisfying the client. The above company has many satisfied clients as the company is sending options to select the design. The worker here, proud, because one among the many designs are selected, the same time, the designed work is ready for the next client and the worker is receiving money for the same.

The company has many orders even for the T shirts, for the New Year and for the other company’s banner on the shirt, the latest design is served for the client, and the glasses are designed with the photo of the customers of the clients. This way, many designers are learning more from the above platform at the same time, they are earning well for the single design made by them. Once the designer joins in this program it is no doubt he would be recognized by the clients of the company, the client is requesting to send the work only to the same designer who worked for the earlier project of the client. The new designers are asked to design only to design on the object, later the high paying works are offered to him or her.

  • How a worker gets graphic designing work?
    Once a worker joins in the above company, worker can see in workers area for graphic designs to be done, submit in fixed date, price quote is also there, and if he or she is interested, a worker can take and do. As guided by the company.

  • What if a worker does not submit a project in time?
    The company is fixing deadline with enough time, for each designing work, if workers want to have more time, workers can inform, management will pass to client, it is a choice of client to decide further extension of time, if not the above company passes the same work to other freelancer. 

  • How company gets all graphic, web design, animation orders?
    The company has already have all multinational companies in the database, the above company is doing different projects to these employers, and they are only requesting to do above projects because of sincerity and dedicated service of the freelance workers here in the above company.

  • What pay a worker gets for web designing?
    A worker will get more than what others pay to him or her for web designing, because the above company informed clients, the above company hires only specialist in web designing and with experience in web designing. 

  • How long there will be job for animation designers?
    As long as workers are interested to do animation, that longtime a worker will get these t jobs from the company side, because the company as now having jobs to complete until 2020 from this an animator can understand about the standard of the company, now only in 2015. 

  • How much a worker gets for a month in designing work?
    A web designing worker in basic plan can get easily 2000$ USD, an animation worker gets 25,000USD, a graphic designer worker gets 50,000 USD already many designers are getting on above ratio based on their balance sheet report the details are provided, but efficient workers could make huge money, in some cases, the big designing projects are could not be made by the company due to busy schedule of the above company. Here the plans are decided by the company, a worker cannot decide his plan, if the above company is happy with the performance of the designer is sending the worker to join in the higher paying plan, of course this is only based on the client’s satisfaction.

  • The company offers more money how this company managing to pay?
    Earlier the company informed all workers the company has only well paying clients, they are only bothered about quality design work from the freelance workers here, and they are not bothered about spending money. At times, a worker does a job perfectly, to clients both clients and company appreciates his or her work, pays worker, now the same client is asking the same designer to design in different way and paying more again, on the above job, the above company is acting as a restaurant, in restaurants the liked dishes are served by the suppliers, similarly the above company is providing the designs to the clients, the clients are paying money because they ordered the one.

  • Does a worker need to have qualification certificate for above jobs?
    Not necessary, after joining in the above program, the company provides trial order and the worker can take his own time, after that he or she could check the job available for designing works, based on the experience serious design job is allotted to the workers, however, there would be some designing work would be provided to all enrolled designers. The above company respects the talent of the workers. The talent could increase at anytime; this is as well the belief of the company.

  • Can any designing worker learn after joining the designing job?
    Hello friend, the above company is not running school to teach, understand this before reading further, the above company is professional service providers for many subjects, the company needs well qualified designers only here, of course, the company is not believing with certification, a creative worker is already born in the world.

  • If a worker is interested what is next he or she has to do?
    The above company in designing job, is not going by the certification, the above company believes the normal person also gets creative mind and earns well with designing work. Therefore, the company takes oaths from the worker about the designer, he or she should promise the company, the he or she is having experience in designing work and gained earlier experience in designing, only after that the person sent for the payment section to pay the service charge of the above company, once the payment is done by the designer , the designer would be asked to work on the trial order of the above company, based on the work further more orders are offered to the designers here in the above platform.