This job really interesting job for the retired people, students on vocation leave, and the homemakers after they are free to do any job. All these categories are doing heavy work or they are tired of working, they could watch movie, they could read something or they could review something. The above job needs patience only the above kind of people is with enough patients after their busy schedules. The nature of the job is only reading the content available on the web mail, the emails are delivered and they are read by the above home workers. The job is nothing but understanding the content and enjoying money for the same. There are many companies are not interested to send their mails to the normal person, the normal person will not even open the mail at the same time, if the person is offered money to open the mails he is glad to do the same. The reason is just for opening the mail and reading the content he or she gets money from the above company.

There are many awareness program conducted by the non government organization, these people are informing their content is checked by thousands of people around the world, but in general nobody is interested in taking a advice from anyone. At the same time, if the mail reader is paid some money, the reader is reading the mail carefully; if the reading worker is an aged person he is taking the message of the non government organization awareness message to the other people when he is going for the morning walk or for the evening walk. By the way, the message is passed to many people, the normal reader ignores the content and he is not taking the awareness for the particular subject seriously.

The awareness needs to be valued by the people, at the same time, the money is received by the reader by working in above company, and the reader understands the importance of the message. For an example the aids is the danger sex disease, the protection is awareness for the people, Now the non government organizations are going prevention is better than the cure, the aged readers are receiving money for reading the mail with the above awareness, they are passing the same to the youth and other people in the society.

There are many companies are not interested in advertising their introduction product, because the charges are heavy now in the newspapers. Everyone is watching television, at the same time, the television companies are demanding more and more money to produce the timer type of advertisement also , the timer means the time will be there on the screen besides there will be a product for the viewers in seconds, the ad will be there on the screen for five to twenty seconds, but for the above display charges are heavy.

The leading companies are interested only sending paid emails to the workers as above, at least the workers are reading them and there is a result for the reading is fond by the leading companies the companies are ready to pay from $2 to hundred dollars based on their promotional topic in the paid mails to the email reading workers. Retired people are using this earning for spending to their grand children. Homemakers are ordering dishes from outside and taking rest for a few days after earning money from the above program. The students are using the above money to spend their weekends grandly, however, the above company is providing the substantial mails to read and make money easily without hassle.

  • How many emails are to be read in a day for these workers?
    This is based on plan we provide emails to paid email readers. However, in basic plan a person will receive five hundred emails in a day this is maximum money, of course not less than fifty dollars could be made by reading mails.

  • How much a worker will get in this job?
    This is depending on reading capacity of the worker, in case there is a person with fast reading habit, he could understand the content and explain more could earn more money, however, quality of desktop, laptop other device is playing an important role in reading mails, in reading, if the slow computer means, even fast reader cannot read more and some workers are missing their glass elsewhere and taking more time to read the company sent mails.

  • Why company is paying for email readers?
    This is purely advertisement mails, awareness mails about a disease in common, for pregnant ladies problem and more to add, companies are offering free bees directly to a person in paid emails, these companies are saving money making their advertisement grandly in media as television Fm radio and newspaper. Large companies are spending for all categories and including hiring the email readers from the above company.

  • Where a worker gets these paid emails? 
    First, a worker should have to join in the above company’s home worker program, after that he has to pay money as joining fee, once his or her payment is confirmed by admin the admin of the company activate workers account, in my account area a worker can see there are many paid mails and with offers, he has to read and act according to client requirements.

  • In case link is not working in worker’s computer what he or she has to do?
    The above company already mentioned in the terms and condition of the above job, the worker should have a recent computer with the best ram, best mother board and valid window, if not the above problem takes place in a computer, the above company cannot help for the above issue, all he or she has to do the repairing work and upgrade the computer to use for all links sent by the above company without fail.

  • A worker has open paid email but not readable will he or she get money?
    The above mails are only software-based emails, if any person stay particular time on paid email; software understands that he or she have completed reading mail and sends money. However, for the patience of the reader the money is sent to the workers they deserve that money for their great patience, however, the above clients are checking all the software with them, still this type of error is faced by them but they are paying for the readers because there is no mistake with the email reading workers.

  • Will a worker gets termination if he does not read mails for some days?
    If the worker is not in a position to read mails due to eye operation, eye problem or any other illness the worker should have to inform the company with proof, in that condition, the above company is restoring the account of the worker, the worker can continue the work, moreover the work is only from Monday to Friday, the other holidays are just holidays for the workers. The reason is the above paid emails are business mails and awareness mails and promotional mails all these mails are valid only on all the working days only in general working days, not in holidays.

  • A worker could get bulk money in single paid email?
    A company at the end of the year is checking the profit of the company, the company is glad about the profit of the year, in that condition, the huge money is shared for fifty to hundred people through the paid emails program, once in six months this kind of mails are delivered to the workers, the lucky worker opens the mails and earns the money, the above company is not responsible if any worker gets disappointment. The first person who logs first gets this opportunity not all the workers.

  • Well a person is interested after reading the above contents what is next for him?
    He or she has to fill the forms and provide original details about the physical condition of the worker especially eyes and eye related problem should have to be informed to the above company, if the person is using glass or lenses he or she should inform about this to the management, the management understands the reading capacity and sending mails accordingly, now the worker can pay for the service charge to the company and the company is allotting the mails on the page of the worker based on the eligibility of the workers, the login details are sent within twenty four hours from the payment time.