The above job is off line work. Anyone could do this job, already the company has many workers as freelancers, at the same time, and the company needs more workers to do this job. The ultimate reason is the company cannot force their freelance workers to do the above job as a must. For another five years the above company has orders for the data entry works. The company collects the orders from leading multi national companies form all over the world. The main countries are now Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf, America, Australia, European countries and more to add in the above list. The present workers of the company are only homemakers, retired seniors, students searching for job; jobless people searching for a new job are doing the above job. The job could be done in computer without internet connection. That means, only for downloading files the internet connection is required. Once the files are downloaded in the any device, the person could start his work. The person could complete by taking his own time to complete the job. There is no hurry for the company to make the workers to work faster, at the same time; the company is interested in perfect workers who could make more money by doing the above job. This is a golden opportunity for the people who are with energy, efficiency to take this work and do the job at the right time, with the perfection in the job, all these are the qualification for the above job. However, the computer literacy is absolutely, required, typing knowledge with the speed is preferable, at the same time, and the company believes the raw candidate also could be trained by the management of the company by providing effective training for the workers. However, just attending one training session is enough for the worker who is not having belief with self, however, the above job is very easy to do and make huge money from the company, and already many people are earning substantial money from the above company.


  • What does this job needs qualification?
    Yes dear, the company needs high speed in typing words and numeric letters minimum thirty to fifty words per minutes, in case, the worker can increase the speed limit, the company is glad about it, At the same time, the worker also gets his satisfaction, due to earning more money for doing his typing work. The average typing speed also fetches high income in this job, but based on the working hours. It is simple to understand, the worker with high speed is completing the job one hour before, the average speed typist is completing the same job but takes some additional hours, and only this is the difference in between the speed typist and the average typist. The company needs computer knowledge based workers, especially internet access to download the files, it hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes in all devices, and the best device takes only seven minutes to download the files. Windows knowledge added advantage to do this job, The internet connection is required only for downloading the files, after that the worker could work in off line, submit the work after connecting to the internet to the above company’s servers.

  • What is the nature of this work what files need to be obtained to do the work?
    The above company would be sending the JPEG Image files, all the above files must have to be modeled as MS office, only after this the typing process starts, in the same MS word document, the important knowledge for the above job is nothing but understanding about the importance of the data entry for the clients, and about the nature of the job, importance of the job for the clients, a bit knowledge about the files of image files and ordinary general document file.

  • What is the topic of the files contained in the sent files by the company?
    The company understands the busy person, and trying to do the above job as part time. The clients of the company as well, well aware about the importance of the time. Therefore, the topic of the typing job is not with any complication, the manually written papers would be offered to the workers, the clear handwriting only need to be typed in the servers of the company. In case, the hand writing is bad and it is not understandable no need to waste time on that content, the typist can proceed to the next and complete the work, the work would be only text and numbers to be typed and posted on the servers of the above company.

  • What is the quality expected by the company for typing the downloaded files?
    Well, the company needs perfect work and not hundred percent perfections, only 92% perfection is required, not more than this, the company corrects the mistake made by the workers eight percent. At the same time, the above company has cent percent perfect workers and they are doing the job regularly, still the company needs many workers for the above job, overall the company needs error free typist for the above job with the typing speed.

  • What is the remuneration paid for the workers for the above job?
    The company has different type of earning plans, this could be selected by the fresher, based on the plan selection the worker gets his pay, while joining this program, anyone could understand about the plan and how the money is calculated and how the money is sent for the workers, what are all the dates to receive the money as salary is explained to the workers at the time of enrollment only.

  • Can a worker use any software to complete the above typing job?
    Strictly no, any worker is not permitted to use the software for the above purpose. The above company is paying high revenue to the workers when it is compared with the other companies which are paying for the same job. The only reason for paying more for the above job is, the worker is working manually by typing the files. Moreover, in case, the software is used, the files are blank, there is no data, after sending to the client, the client is hungry about this, therefore, the client and the above company are using the powerful software to deduct the work done by the worker through any tool including software. The work should have to be completed only hundred percent through manual typing only. In case, the company finds, the work is made with the software, immediately the management would be blocking that worker to work again, and his pay is also arrested, the total work is rejected by the above company based on the client’s direction.

  • What happens, next once the work is done by the worker?
    Once the worker is completing his work, the work is received by the company, after that, that particular work is sent to the quality control department, these staffs are checking the files and sending the worker email report about the job. The mail would have the particulars about the earned money for the job done by the worker. The money is sent to the worker based on the selection of the receiving money method, as the company has two ways to receive the money by the worker. The first way, through paypal the worker could receive money, or through pay check the money could be received by the worker. The worker has options of selecting the higher plans; the worker has the option of changing plan to low to high and high to low. However, it is understood the worker needs only more money; therefore, the worker would be changing his plan only for the high income. In that case, the changed plan would be effective to pay by the above company only after three months, due to the administration system.

  • What action taken against the worker missing to send files on time?
    In case, the worker is not submitting the files to the above company on time, the further work would not be sent to that worker. However, the company considers for the genuine reason why the work is no sent on time, in case, there is no mistake on the part of worker the company provides a few days more to complete the work and resend the files to the above company, however, the company needs to send the file to the client, only for the above importance, the company is flexible to the workers, the worker could resend the file again after doing the job, after confirming with the admin manager.

  • What are the ways, the money is being sent to workers?
    The following methods are adopted by the company for sending pays
    The Indian workers of the company could receive the money through transferring fund or receiving the salary through the saving bank account, as most of the Indians are offered to create a bank account at free of cost by the government of India. At the same time pay could be received by the paypal account, in case, the worker does not have paypal account above options are available only for he Indian workers. Even the company is ready to send the demand draft for the workers working in India.
    The overseas workers could receive their money through wire transfer or by via money gram or by check, the salaries are sent based on the selection plan of the worker, at the same time, the plan could be revised by the worker himself. The worker could change the plan only after visiting the my account page, the worker should understand the new changed plan works only after three months, until the worker would be getting money in the previous plan, the plan change could be made by paying a little money more.

  • At what time the worker could receive his salary?
    The payment is being made only after receiving the work from the worker. The worker would be able to receive his payment only after seven days after the completion of the work. For an Instance, if the worker is presenting work on 14th march he would be able to get the pay, 14 plus 7 days that means, on the 21st of the same month the pay is released to the workers. The delay is unavoidable by a company as above due to many reasons. Postal delays are common, holidays the government departments are not working, festival days are still more problem for the above company to send the money at the right time, only for the above reason the seven days, delayed payment is made, but the worker could receive his payment even before the seven days, the maximum delay is only 7 days. However, the company cannot keep the fund of the workers in ledger according to the auditing department of the above company.

  • Is the company is deducting tax for the salaries?
    The above company is no way connected to cut the tax for the salary, the company sends full amount earned by the worker. The worker should have to contact the revenue department of the local place or a chartered accountant about the income received by the worker, even the worker could contact the local Income tax department and make clear about the income received by the worker. But the company is advising all members to pay tax based on their local government order, nothing more to say.

  • Will company helps the new worker joining here?
    The jobs are easy to do without learning much, still the above company hired special training team, make the worker to understand about the job and to work with efficiency. The efficient workers only making huge money, therefore, the company is creating a person with more efficiency by the training by the company. Once the person understands what company needs from a worker, he would doing the work accordingly the above company understands this well.

  • How long a worker could work in this program?
    All the enrolled members of the above program are qualified to work for twenty four months. So, a worker pays his charge to work here for the two complete years from the date of registration. made by the worker for this particular program.
    After completing first task when the worker gets his money when the next job is assigned to him?
    Once the work is completed, the worker has to submit to the above company’s server. Once the job is received by admin, immediately the job is passed to account section, the account section is making pay, for all the job done by the worker, the company never say no for submission of work any day, including Saturday, Sunday, and other holidays. Based on the selection of the plans the worker gets his revenue, at the same time, the company never stops the worker if he wishes to earn more and changing his plan to earn more. The worker can go to my account page and change his option of working plan to the new plan. The next immediate job is assigned once the first work is completed by the workers.

  • Is there any advantage if the worker is presenting his work in time?
    The company appreciates the worker first, apart from this, the worker could receive his pay within short days, the only process is checking the job, the evolution department is not retaining a case not more than, a hour, therefore, the further process takes place and ends in five days, the worker gets his pay on the seventh day or even before that subject to condition. Apart from this, the worker receives his next assignment immediately; apart from this the worker is noted by the admin for the good performance, later the work is allotted to such worker permanently without fail.

  • I am delighted with the information offered to me, I decided to join, and work what is next?
    Congratulation for taking a wise decision to join, once you pay the registration charge you are eligible to work in the above company. Now you have to select your plan, according to the plan you have to pay the service charge to the above company, once the payment is received, the admin is activating the account. It takes generally twenty four hours to forty eight hours of maximum time, once the above process is over, you have to see in your page under the premium plan you can see the offline data entry work, now you have to download the files and start working for the above company as a freelance worker for two years. The payment gate way, is available for the credit card, debit card, through bank to bank transfer and through the paypal account.

  • When the work is allotted for a worker after payment?
    Once the payment is received, the admin next duty is only to enroll the worker in the database, once the above process is finished the worker gets the job in twenty four hours. The maximum time of forty eight hours, this is because, at times, on a day many new workers are joining, the numbering the worker creating page all it takes more time, but the company has efficient staffs to make it fast, therefore, the forty eight hours are the maximum time to get the job once the service charge is paid by the worker. The admin is sending a mail once the payment is realized from the worker side, then the admin is assigning work to the new workers.

  • What time the first salary is made to the new worker?
    The service charge paid by the worker is understandable by the admin, next the admin is creating a page and sending the work through email, once the task is completed by the worker, the worker should have to send the work to the company’s email address. This e mail address is available on my account page, only in this mail address the workers should send the task. After this, only routine process, for workers, either the worker will get his salary for the work done, or new work is allotted, it would be a cycle to the worker.

  • What is the total time of the downloading time of the files?
    Now, the technology has developed not before some years. The present equipments are taking only ten seconds to sixty seconds to download the files, at the same time; normal computer takes 2 minutes to download. The files are arranged separately for the workers, in sets, the worker could download by clicking the number one, meantime again a click is enough for the next file, so one by one file would be downloading to the system. After that the worker should have to work and send the work in time. In case, the worker is having poor device, the company cannot help, because poor devices are taking even half day to download.

  • Is there any special requirement is required to download and open the files?
    Nothing is required for the above files, the files are sent only by zip files, all these files are image files, the worker should have to unzip the files and it could be saved in my computer. All these files are virus free, for which the company is spending more money, the files could be opened easily in all the devices which has the winzip program, the above program is available in all the devices, even in mobile phones with internet access.

  • Does the company can send the work in CD format?
    Earlier the company was sending all works only through the CD, but many workers are not happy because of the man handling, the CD is handled badly by the postal people. The workers would receive the CD but once it is played on the computer the worker would not see any files to work. Apart from this, the postal or courier is delaying to send the work, the work is very important for the worker to earn money, as well the company is waiting to send the completed work to the clients, in this connection the company finally decided to send the files by direct downloading system. Now, the new workers are glad, because once payment is over and the login details sent to the workers, they are able to get the easy download of all files and they are working on the same day and most of them are sending back the work at the right time.

  • How about taking leave on this work?
    Yes buddy you can take leave in this job, all you have to inform the company admin well in advance, because the admin is waiting to receive only completed work, at this point of view, if the worker is going on leave, the work could be sent to other workers the client is glad and the company is also glad, about doing alternate arrangement for the work you have to do.

  • A person is not residing in India, UK, America is he eligible to join the wok?
    This is international opportunity for all over the world unemployed, therefore the residential status of the person is not bothering the company; the company bothers only the perfect work from the workers, nothing more about it.

  • There are many countries without debit and credit cards, paypal how the worker could make his payment to join the job?
    On the company page the visitor could see the payment options to pay for the joining fee, the company is increasing many options to pay and join. At the same time, the is available in most of the countries, similarly the is available in many countries, and these sites are collecting money and sending to the senders. Away from this, the above company is having plenty of paying options on the page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> even the bank transfer is possible for the worker to pay for the enrollment.

  • How to clear the doubts about the above program?
    Any worker could see on the company site, contact customer care text, here there is a page is available frequently asked questions and answers, there are many questions and answers are posted, almost the worker once read this, the worker will not have a question to ask the company for any of his doubts, at the same time, the worker may have a different question away from this, the worker can raise the question to the company by email, within forty eight hours the worker will receive the answer, the worker should have to understand the company receives thousands of mails in a day, therefore, the worker is requested to stay with patience for 2days to get answer, the worker should ask only unique question for this purpose.