In the busy life everyone is not remembering what he is supposed to do, in some cases, the person is searching a product, the web company is taking all his details including the phone number of the person. The person is chatting with the customer support officer, the officer explains everything to him, the person is happy about the deal, finally the person forgets to pay for the service or for the product but the person is calling the company and asking to send the product without paying. Now the role of the telephone caller, is to inform the person he has not paid money but the product is ready to send. In many cases, the intent service is purchased from the company, the person is not asking any details and installing the internet, but he is not using, once he likes to use, he is not in a position to use, because everything is new to him. The person calls the company, and asking more information to use the device of the company which was installed before some months.

The phone calling is enabled to all the customers, the replay is only satisfying the customer and to have the service of the company permanently. The role of the telephone caller is only passing the information from the customer to the executive, the executives are busy with their work, at the same time, they are ready to help only for the problem they are not having free time to speak more with the customers. At the same time, if the companies are hiring the telephone calling workers, the worker can take the matter from the customers without any time limit, but the way, the companies are satisfying the talkative customers. These customers are not having big problem in the service or product, they are interested to speak more and gain bit knowledge about their principal company.

In many cases, the customers are interested to know the future products and service of the company; they are having time now to learn about the company, the top executives cannot speak for a longtime with these customers, because they are interested to speak more with the company staff, and to have the service of the company regularly. The freelance telephone callers are able to manage them, because they are paid for every call they receive or they call to the customers.

The present telephone system is giving missed call, the customers are finding easy to give a missed call to a service or for the product seller, only the freelance workers are explaining and they are converting the normal person as customers by giving a right direction and the right information about the service or the product of the company. The above company has many orders to speak with various customers for the service as well for the product, the role of the telephone caller is to call the customer, if the customer is busy, the customer would be calling to the number of the telephone caller, now the person should have to pass all the information required by the customers.

The companies are feeling comfortable by hiring the part time or fulltime telephone callers, because, these workers are not assigned any other jobs, only speaking is their job, however, the customer should not make a complain about the telephone caller, if the customer is not guided properly any customer is reporting to the management about the telephone calling person, this should not happen for many times, this is the only condition to do this job, the job is fetching high income to the workers in the above platform.


  • How many phones should a worker here need to buy to answer calls?
    One connection is enough to answer company phone call, only speaking with clear voice and clear presentations are required from telephone calling workers.

  • How many hours workers have to do these phone calls?
    As usual eight hours a worker should have to work from his or her home by attending phone calls or calling the customers by using the provided numbers and report to the above company about the success of the calls and failures of the calls.

  • What kind of calls received by workers here or cal attended by the workers here?
    The nature of the calls are just passing the customers some information, apart from this in case, the customer will call if the call is missing to him, in that case, the worker should have to say the customer for reason for calling and explain the matter provided to the workers here.

  • What a person should posse’s qualification?
    If the worker is soft nature and capable of speaking politely to all, this is the basic qualification which all clients are required from the above platform workers. This qualification is enough to work as long as possible in the above freelance company.

  • Who pays phone bills of the worker, if it goes beyond my budget?
    A worker do not have to pay phone bills at all once he or she produces his bill to boss, employer (or the above company) will pay phone bills and the salary of the worker here. Already many people are working in this paten and they are earning well with the above company clients.

  • How much money a person gets for calling over phone?
    A person who is joining in the above program will be asked to pay for the service charge, after that he or she would be offered to check the requirements of the clients, the subject is provided to speak with the customers, the phone numbers are provided about the customers, the role of the telephone caller is nothing but passing the information from the company of the 3rd party client, the above company will be monitoring the calls once in a day, the successful calls would be pad for the telephone caller, the rejected calls would not be paid based on the topic, based on the company profile the worker would get the monthly income from $500 to $2500 dollars.

  • A worker gets dismissal order for any problem or for any reason?
    As long the workers are smooth with the customers there will not be any complain about the worker and the worker is continuing in the same position and earning handsome money for the job done by him or her, at the same time, if the customer is not satisfied with the information provided by the worker regularly and the 3rd party employer is not happy with that particular worker naturally the above company will not be blind, the company takes immediate action, at times the above company is asking the worker to join in suitable job as freelancer in the same company, after paying the difference money if any, this offer is only for good workers but poor understanding on job.

  • How many days in a week a worker must work?
    Any worker must have to work only from Monday to Friday not more than this, at the same time, the employer may be asking the worker to work on holidays, for this the worker gets more money based on the offer of the employer, however, this money would be more than the regular days work calls.
    If the worker do not work in other days, and work only from Monday to Friday what will happen?
    There will not be any action against the worker, the employer would be suggested other workers, the other telephone caller would take the job of the present telephone caller’s job in this matter.

  • What job guarantee a worker has in this job?
    The above company hires once a worker, after paying the service charge of the above company, it is valid for twelve months, if the workers are with clear report workers can continue like the same for many years. Already the above company has many people working for many years, the above company is only mediators, and the company is interested in peace, therefore, the workers should have politeness and soft words for using in the telephone calling job, the company provides enough jobs for the freelance workers here in the above platform.

  • If someone speaks vulgarly, to a worker what a worker can do?
    The customers are already informed about the workers here calling only to provide the useful information to the customers. Still there are many arrogant people are taking advantage and speaking nonsense, in that case, the above company is not responsible, this is mentioned clearly in the terms and condition, at the same time, the above company is ready to provide the moral support for such workers to get the compensation from the such customers, the above company fight for the justice, if the above company permits, based on the matter, the worker can go to police and make a complaint about the nasty customer.

  • If a worker needs to take leave what is a condition?
    Speaking also gets health disorders the above company understands about this well, therefore, for the genuine reasons as throat infections, speaking problem due to cold or cough or any bad physical condition, the telephone caller cannot work, the leaves are granted and there will not be any punishment until the person is becoming normal to work again as telephone caller in the above platform. However, the company needs proof for the same from such workers.

  • Well, a person is interested to join what is next to him to do?
    The new person should have to fill the form and he has to give all his details including the physical condition to work here, after that he has to pay the service charge to the above company, there are many options posted to pay, credit card debit card, bank transfer and much more as payapal after paying the details of the login sent to the workers and the worker should have to log and check the employers phone numbers and details, he or she would be hired immediately based on the voice test of the above company and client.