There are many multilevel marketing companies, interested to have connection with their customers. For which they are taking the phone numbers of the customers. Many buyers are glad about the products, and for that reason, they are providing the phone numbers while they are buying products from the shops. The phone numbers are collected from shops for the above promotional activity, actually, only the leading companies are requesting the shop owners to collect the phone numbers from the customers and regular customers. Only the regular customers are targeted for sending SMS to them, any regular buyer likes a product or service as salon, he or she is not thinking serious about the sent sms and they are glad to see the concession from their sms after reading the sms, these customers show their sms to the shop or service place avail concession and the company develops by the sales nothing more about the sending sms and the job requirement is only a mobile phone for the above purpose. The used mobile phones are also good for the above jobs, in case the person is not interested to use the owned mobile for the above business.

Many workers are doing this job only with their owned mobiles, if they buy a different one, they cannot do this job for long hours, because many people are not interested in carrying two mobile phones wherever they visit for the day. At the same time, when the bulk sms need to be sent for a project, these workers are using the big devices as laptop or desktop, in these devices, a person could send even more than ten thousand sms in a single click. The job nature is very easy; the entire worker has to send the received sms to others, for which the forward button is available in all mobiles, just selecting the names and forwarding the sms would do to make money.

The companies are glad in informing customers about their new concessional service at anytime, even at the midnight the sms is sent and they are received and customers are using the opportunity after reading the sms. In a night club the dishes and drinks are available for limited days with discount the message is sent, at the night time. The customers are changing their mood after reading the sms sent to them. The sales of the club is increasing in a day, similarly the baby food to all adult items are changing their price for limited days, providing concession to the customers, the customers are glad about this purchase, because they are enjoying the discount rate now, earlier for the same product or service they paid more money, this is now best opportunity for them to save money for their liked service or for the product.

The sms sales are the best for the company which is producing more quantity of the product for the month, or for the week. Generally the quantity is not fixed by the companies in consuming products, based on the season these products get more sales, in out of season they get less business, For an example if the festival season is there in a place, from candle to new dresses are purchased, simple sms changing the mind of the customers and they are buying from the place where they get concession, for their purchase through this sms message.


  • What is the age limit to join the job?
    The age limit is only eighteen but the parents are requesting only their children to send sms for the emergency time, once children are used with the job, they are doing the job even without the parent permission or guideline, the family is happy, because a child in the family brings money to parents by taking the job of the parent or parents.

  • Why the companies are sending sms to their customers?
    The corporate companies are taking permission to send their latest update in price of the product or service, by the way, they collect one million phone numbers, on cycle the products are changing its price, once the price is reduced, the companies are glad in informing to their customers, this is permitted program by the government for the reputed products or services. Of course, these companies are only paying fine if they are sending more sms to a particular customer. Many companies are not exceeding their limit, only those companies are added for sending sms to their customers.

  • What is the length of the sms to type in mobile?
    The workers need not type anything, already clients are sending typed message and the workers should have to forward to the given phone numbers.

  • Can the worker send the sms to others?
    There will not be any use, still based on the personal interest of a friend a worker can send, but the offers are only for the regular customers, the client company is aware about their customers, however the client is happy when the message reaches to a new person out of the database.

  • What is the money paid for the workers in the above program?
    It depends the best seller is paying high money for the 100 sms, these sellers are gaining more money so they are paying 10 $ for the workers, At the same time, other company would be offering the same work to send for 5000 people and would be paying only $3 for the hundred sms, the workers are happy because they are going to use desktop for the bulk sms, they are going to work only for 2 hours and make huge money on this program.

  • Does the company reject work? Or dismissing the worker for any reason?
    If the worker is following the guideline of the company, the sms reaches only to the selected people, therefore no rejection in this job, at the same time, if the worker is missing the above company database names for the personal benefits the company dismiss that person in second, that person is even noted by the cyber crime police and they take legal action for sending sms to unknown and with awful texts.

  • What is the pay offered for the above job?
    The plans are fixed for all categories according to the plan the worker is paying the service charge to the company, at the end of the month the company checks the sent sms by a worker, based on the client payment for the subject the company pays to the workers, even if the client is not paying the money but the above company is paying the money to the works and collecting the pay latter from the clients.

  • is the worker should have to work round the clock for the above job?
    Not necessary, the workers working for the round the clock would be earning more, of course, there would be hours break they take, when they are interested in earning in free time, they are forwarding the job without time limit.

  • Will anyone object for sending sms to him or her?
    This is not at all the problem of the worker, because the worker is paying and joining here, only company sent names and phone numbers the worker is going to send, if any problem the client will be facing the problem it would not come to the above company or its workers here.

  • How many sms to be sent for the day?
    It depends on the plan selected, if the person is selected the better plan, he or she would be assigned to send ten thousand sms for the day, in regular plan there will be hundreds of sms required to send for the customers of the 3rd party companies.

  • How much money is offered for the above job?
    After the end of the month, the above company checks the details of the job of the worker, and his plan minimum eight hundred dollars to maximum five thousand dollars are possible to earn from the above job. However, the plans could be changed in the above job, and make huge money by joining in the better plan.

  • If the person is interested in the above job what is next process?
    The worker should have to fill the form for joining the company, after that he has to pay the service charge to the company, once the above process is over the person could login and start working with the above company, however, the login details are sent within twenty four hours.